I am in Rome on vacation. Here are some utterly awesome things: 1. Romans have a different sense of personal space than Americans do. They squish into you, run you over, press into you, and flatten you as they walk on the narrow cobblestone streets. 2. Romans drive like maniacs. There are no lanes, no rules, barely any lights. They whip around corners and plow through crowds in their teeny tiny cars. I will never complain about NY taxi drivers again. Roman drivers and pedestrians play chicken all the time. 3. Your average guy on the street does not speak English. This makes things veryRead More →

The first time I bought a DK travel guide was our trip to Amsterdam a few years ago. I looked at several books, and bought only two: DK’s Amsterdam and Holland books. I felt quite fortunate for my selection. Unlike many of the guides, the DK travel guides are very pictorial. They have breakout images of key sights so that you know exactly where to look. This works for visually oriented travelers. The Amsterdam and Holland books included a delightful canal walk. A long, glossy page unfolds from the book, and it depicts detailed images of the buildings along the canal. The page provides tidbitsRead More →

Since I never got a chance to blog about my trip to Scotland: We went Easter week in April because the husband was presenting at the Labour Process Conference again. We stayed mostly in Edinburgh, but we did take a day trip outside of the city. The city of Edinburgh is very cool. The central part of the city, the Royal Mile, part of Old Town, is formed on a ridge or spine that runs from the Edinburgh Castle to the Holyrood Palace. Each of these buildings is fascinating. I spent most of my time on and around the Royal Mile. The Edinburgh Castle isRead More →

I have always been intrigued about Stonehenge and other Neolithic sites like Newgrange, which we saw when we went to Ireland over spring break this year. When we went to England for the Labour Process Conference one year, we visited Stonehenge and the stone circle at Avebury on the “stones and bones” tour hosted by Astral Travel. (Astral Travel has, unfortunately, gone out of business; they were a great tour company.) What I find most the most fascinated about these sites is the way that we ascribe meaning to them and the way that these monuments seem to be living, fluid things over time. VisitingRead More →

Some of the key sites we saw in Dublin include the Guinness Storehouse, which was a fairly fantastic place. As expected, it walks the tourist through the stages of making Guinness. There is a taste-test room where you can get a shot of Guinness (I skipped the shot), and then there is a rooftop bar filled with tourists drinking the brew. From the 360 degree room of the bar, you can see just about every little bit of Dublin and then some beyond. We also saw the Book of Kells at Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Christ Church. Christ Church has a huge collectionRead More →

Well, Ireland was a blast. Newgrange and Tara was the highlight of the trip. The drive through the countryside along the Boyne River was just beautiful. Johnny Cash wrote that Ireland had 40 shades of green, a song that we learned about from one of the hop on hop off bus drivers. It was great to get out of the city (which wasn’t so green) and into the countryside to -see- what the Emerald Isle was all about. Newgrange was exciting. I’m always excited by visiting ancient sites like that. They are so full of mystery. Some great pics of Newgrange can be seen hereRead More →

I’m going to Ireland tomorrow. I’m very excited about the trip. Anyway, here are some 3’s. Three Ireland Tours I plan to take 1. Mary Gibbons’ Tour of Newgrange 2. Viking Splash Tour of Dublin 3. Hop on Hop Off bus of Dublin Three things I bought for the trip: 1. Rain ponchos 2. Batteries for my mp3 player 3. Wetwipes to wash up with in the airport. Three things I hope to see while in Ireland: 1. The Book of Kells 2. Dublinia 3. The Dublin Castle Three things I’m grateful for: 1. Loritabs for a slightly pinched nerve 2. Chiropractors 3. Tiger’s balmRead More →

Well, we are going to Dublin, Ireland for spring break. The Labor Process conference is there this year. And all three of our spring breaks coincide with the conference, so it is our destiny to go. And, St. Patrick’s day is right smack in the middle of break. I’m so psyched. We have already purchased the plane tickets and made reservations at a B&B for us. Here is the link to the B&B: http://www.flyoveronline.com/Read More →

Grades have been posted. Tomorrow we are leaving for Pass-a-Grille, Florida. We are staying at Inn On the Beach. It’s a delightful bed and breakfast with excellent management and reasonable rates. It’s across the street from the beach, so no fumbling with parking meters. I have a new bathing suit. I’m looking forward to reading Harry Potter on the beach.Read More →