Today I am grateful for 1. My fireplace (brrrr). 2. My job that gives me a long relaxing break every Christmas (Zzzzz). 3. My car that keeps me warm when it is wet and rainy outside and I need to go to the store (Vrrooom). ∞

A long time ago (by hand, not by blog) I used to keep a gratitude journal based on the book Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ben Breathnach. Although the book has some issues and problems, I really love the author’s idea of a gratitude journal.  I am going to incorporate a list of three things that I’m grateful for into my blog. Three Things I am Grateful for Today: 1. My job. 2. The smell of my Christmas tree. 3. The internet for facilitating my re-acquaintance with my high school best friend from over 20 years ago. OMFG. ∞

List of things I’ve closets cleaned in the past week: 1. Pantry. 2. Bathroom linen closet. 3. Pen drawer. List of sample items found and tossed: 1. The kid’s old lunch pack soy milks; fermented. Walmart brand (“Great Value”) Hot Chocolate; six small packages of solid brown milk-product bricks (not such a great value). 2. Corroded batteries; tylenol – two years expired. 3. One dried up Little Mermaid pen. One dried up Aladdin pen. One dried up Harry Potter pen. One dried up Hercules pens. I sense a theme. These pens are not as magical as they seem. Birthday Countdown: 5 more days until I’mRead More →