The last three musicians I listened to: 1. Lucinda Williams 2. Neko Case 3. Indigo Girls Last three websites I bookmarked: 1. PBS documentary – Through Deaf Eyes 2. Pie Maven – Pie Idioms (I was looking for the origin of finger in every pie) 3. Retailers Turn Away from Baby Boomers Last three purchases I made: 1. AAA batteries for my .mp3 recorder for school lectures 2. Pecan pralines (bad!) 3. Bottled water Last three things that made me laugh: 1.  27b/6 — Author’s son on school: “I don’t understand why I have to go to school at all, the internet knows more thanRead More →

1. I am grateful for the IT folk at work because they do always help me. (I brought them cookies of gratitude today.) 2. I am grateful to Disability Services for finding an ESL interpreter to come to classes and talk about deaf culture. 3. I’m grateful that my heart stress test and all my other cardio tests came back negative. Three things I’m excited about: 1. Rome over Christmas! This is where we’re staying. 2. Heroes starting Monday! 3. My lecture .mp3s for my classes have been downloaded 33 times by students! ∞

Three Gratitudes: 1. I am grateful for Facebook for putting me in touch with old friends. 2. I am grateful to all the people who added people to my city on facebook. 3. I am grateful for the people who read my blog. ∞

I watched Susperia the other day, which is a 70s horror movie by Dario Argento. It is considered to be a classic. It is the first part of a trilogy called “Three Mothers,” thirty years in the making. I have the second part from Netflix sitting at home. According to Rolling Stone, part three will be released this summer amidst all the big budget summer movies. The film is very strange and -very- 70s. The special effects are not very good, but the setting is very vivid. I’m not that into horror films, but this one was fun to watch. Some more threes: Three moviesRead More →