Someone pointed out today how important it is to observe and even appreciate the little things around me, like the changing seasons or paint peeling on the wall. My response? Seasons don’t change in BR and really? Paint peeling? Ok, ok. Point taken. So, not so much gratitude as things that I was present for today: 1. Hoarding ink jet cartridges, something I just now noticed. 2. A lot of colorful markers. 3. Three d10’s on my desk for years, left over from a torturous attempt at World of Darkness. One is rather pretty with its blue and purple speckles and silver numbers. It remindsRead More →

1. I had 89 items in my desktop trashcan. 2. I was 12 minutes late to office hours this morning. 3. I got home at 9:39 tonight. 4. I have lost 2 of my favorite earrings in the past two weeks — not from the same set, of course. (Not about today, but who’s counting?) 5. My 220 exam should have opened at 9:00 tonight as per adaptive release. It didn’t. 6. I gave a thumbs down to 3 textbooks for the textbook adoption committee. 7. Wendy’s did not give me a straw, ketchup, or a tomato even though I paid them $6.53 for myRead More →

I am behind on… 1. Grading. SO MUCH GRADING. And it’s not even the crunch time yet. 2.  Cleaning. I never finished my 40 steps/40 days summer goal of cleaning my office. I have piles of crap all over the place and everything I dusted now has layers of dust again. Depressing. 3. Reading. My “to be read” pile is huge. 4. Health care. Dentist’s appointment and a dermatology appointment. For months now. 5. lolcats. Caught up on lolcats, goggies, lookalikes, and punditkitchen. Behind on Engrish and Failblog. Can’t catch up. At all. I’m trying, though, which shows my priorities are straight. 6. Dollhouse (therebyRead More →

The last three musicians I listened to: 1. Lucinda Williams 2. Neko Case 3. Indigo Girls Last three websites I bookmarked: 1. PBS documentary – Through Deaf Eyes 2. Pie Maven – Pie Idioms (I was looking for the origin of finger in every pie) 3. Retailers Turn Away from Baby Boomers Last three purchases I made: 1. AAA batteries for my .mp3 recorder for school lectures 2. Pecan pralines (bad!) 3. Bottled water Last three things that made me laugh: 1.  27b/6 — Author’s son on school: “I don’t understand why I have to go to school at all, the internet knows more thanRead More →

1. This week is over. It’s Friday. I’m heaving a sigh of relief. Can you hear it? 2. Tonight is Dollhouse, but I’m not watching it because my niece and I are going to India’s restaurant. I realize I’m contributing to its pending cancellation. It depresses me, but not enough to miss Indian food. 3. I am thinking about giving up D&D for a while. I love playing with my group, but it is a. hyoooge (10? 11? ppl) and b. we drive to NOLA to play. I have very mixed feelings about this. I haven’t fully decided yet. 4. IT installed McAffee on myRead More →

I am almost done with cleaning my office. What’s left is the hardest part: My filing cabinet. I’ve done some preliminary cleaning of files, but most of the work remains. I’ve started cleaning and de-cluttering other parts of the house. It feels productive, but the truth is that I’m avoiding the ominous filing cabinets. The other day I found a videotape of an interview I did with my grandmother a couple of years before she died. I sent it off to be converted to DVD. I hope they don’t break it or ruin it. On a different note, my therapist seems utterly fascinated by D&D.Read More →

Today I completed not one, but TWO steps on my 40 days/40 steps cleaning plan. I cleaned the closet completely. There were three steps the closet: Floor, top shelf, and clothes rod. I did the floor a couple of days ago. Today I did the clothes rod and top shelf. Many clothes are going to Connections for Life, which I have written about previously. Things I found today 1. One pair of black cowboy boots. Yes, I still have them. Yes, I am keeping them. 2. Winter scarves knitted by my grandmother. (Kept) 3. A blanket my grandmother gave me when I was in secondRead More →

I know the whole world eagerly anticipates my detailed description of my garbage, so I will appease your curiosity. Ten things I found today in my file cabinets (some of which were trashed and some kept) 1. My very first D&D character. It was actually AD&D, generated some 15 years ago. 2. Papers from my undergraduate years at UT – Austin. 3. Reading packets from my undergraduate years at UT-Austin. 4. Pictures of the first time I went to Disney. 5. Hershey’s leash (my very first dog “inside” dog; he rescued me from my insanity; I love him and still miss him). 6. My “relapseRead More →

1. Transparencies from 1995. 2. Mimeo/ditto handouts from 1995. 3. Christmas socks with a hole in the toe. 4. Lots of mismatched socks whose mates are somewhere in sock purgatory. 5. Student Evaluations from 1991-1998. 6. Dayrunner pages from 1995-1998. 7. A car repair bill from 1996. 8. A box full of xeroxed readings for old course reading packets. 9. Worn out flip flops. 10. Rusted paperclips.Read More →

Three more treasures I found in my office: This is a butterfly that the kid made in 2001 (age 10) at an art camp. I’m not sure what the medium is, but it is very textured. This is the cover of a Tank Girl comic book I found and scanned. I don’t usually do comic books, but I do love Tank Girl. This is the cover of some Zine that I had. I used it as the cover to the readings for my Feminism in America class at USF. Those were the days.Read More →