Lately I’ve gone low-tech. I’ve been bullet journaling, commonplace booking (common placing), and playing with Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. So much fun. Here is a teacher’s packet for Wreck This Journal. I hated journaling until I found this book. It’s a delight.

Faculty reviews and teaching evaluations are such an issue at school lately. Our student ratings are incorporated in our annual reviews, so the numbers count in our overall annual evaluation by the school administration. Now, on the one hand, this doesn’t actually mean much since there’s no material reward for a good review these days and no one’s job is threatened by an average review. On the other, my happiness is still tied to them. In the ideal sense, they measure whether or not your teaching is effective. Frankly, teaching evaluations are political. Commitment to a certain type of pedagogy, for example active learning vs.Read More →

A digital accounting of my life: 1. 100+ emails in my work inbox. Read, yes, but sitting there unsorted and unattended to. 2. 200+ emails in my home inbox. Same as above. 3. 7 pages of links in my “Read it Later” tool bar. 4. 9 rows of links in my nifty Firefox Multirow Toolbar. 5. In the neighborhood of 500 bookmarks in severe need of pruning. 6. A complete lack of synch between my office computer, home computer, and flash drive. 7. I have no idea what’s going on with the BP oil spill or Elena Kagan’s nomination for the SCOTUS. 8. My digitalRead More →