My First Tattoo – July 1988

60 days until my birthday. 25 years ago, in honor of my sobriety, I got this tattoo. It was my first one. In Madison, WI, it was all the trend to get a tiny quarter-sized tattoo on your shoulder. Drinking is self-destructive. I wanted to something that was symbolically the opposite. The tattooist … Continue reading

Tattoo 2

From session #2 with Kristen at Art Addictions The session lasted three hours. Kristen filled in most of the color except for one corner. She also still needs to do the leaves on the tree and the rest of the ripping skin. This one hurt. My limit was definitely two and a half hours, and I gritted … Continue reading


I ran into someone today online who goes by the handle Ixchel. Ixchel is the Mayan moon goddess, which I have tattooed on my left forearm. But for some reason, this person didn't know about the name, so I did a quick Google search and found a neat Wikipedia entry on … Continue reading