Eight Maxims – A listicle to live by

Maxims are codes that we parrot, but rarely pause to consider. They bespeak what our culture values, as much as they teach us a lesson in sparse, bumper-sticker phrasing. Here is a list of eight maxims that I've stolen, applied, or ignored to my later regret.1. Once you have a hammer, everything … Continue reading

My First Tattoo – July 1988

60 days until my birthday. 25 years ago, in honor of my sobriety, I got this tattoo. It was my first one. In Madison, WI, it was all the trend to get a tiny quarter-sized tattoo on your shoulder. Drinking is self-destructive. I wanted to something that was symbolically the opposite. The tattooist … Continue reading

The Big Book – How It Works

Fifty years, twenty five sober, my birthday is near, and here I am, all full of reflection. Continuing the theme of influential books, and these books are all about power... The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is like the Bible; I have internalized its principles, incorporating them into my … Continue reading