Big boobs, big bras, and the big C

Breast cancer runs in my family, discussed by us for many years only in Southern whispers and associated with deep remorse. It also runs among close friends, whose families are less reserved, but who struggle with deep grief. My family whispers about breast cancer are oxymoronic given the … Continue reading

Emma Watson, the beautiful UN advocate

Emma Watson is the new UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women. She gave a powerful speech about the "F-word" and women's issues to launch the HeForShe campaign. The Daily Mail covered her hair. Leonardo DiCaprio is the UN Messenger of Peace. The Daily Mail did not mention his manbun or attire. Compare … Continue reading

Olivia Pope Redux

Yep, Shonda Rhimes has just schooled all the feminists and liberals who have trashed Olivia Pope (Season 2, Episode 22 of Scandal, "White Hat's Back On"). As I wrote previously, Olivia Pope is the quintessential tragic mulatto.*SPOILER ALERT*In Episode 22, Fitz wants Olivia to "handle" their … Continue reading

Wannabe Feminism

The Spice Girls represent "bustier feminism" in the 90s. It is no accident that Enlightened Sexism, Susan J. Douglas’s new book, opens with a discussion of this band. They represent the negation of feminism by commercial cooptation. The Spice Girls are the pinnacle of Girl Power and bustier … Continue reading