Slowly working on getting things back up

I'm slowly working on adding things back to VoXYgen. It's taking time because I'm busy this summer. Here's a little blog entry to keep me busy blogging.Ten Things I Discovered in Wisconsin This Summer:1. Roller Derby, the UffDaPalooza in Wausau.2. Milwaukee is fun. Bastille Days. The antique … Continue reading

Going Native in the Northwoods

The other day, I didn't realize I left my coat in the office until I was half way to my car. I weighed walking back upstairs against completing the trek to the car in the light snow and 15 degrees cold. I felt fine, so I decided to shrug off the weather. Once in the car, I Facebook Bragged about … Continue reading

Your face is frozen

Setting: 7:30 AM, women's restroom outside of class. Me: Why are you wearing those funny clown eyelashes? Student: I just finished a run around campus. Me: Yes, but what's that white stuff on your eyes? Her: My breath is frozen on my … Continue reading