This website offers a nice, if scary, treatise on what Christian Conservatives believe. Ironically, Catholics support the agenda of the Christian Coalition and the Christian Right, since most fundamentalist Christians believe that Catholicism is a cult. The article reminded me of when I was in school at the University of Texas (before I got saved and temporarily joined the God Squad) and I was protesting apartheid. The Evangelicals would heckle us, and try to get us into debates with them. Their reasoning was pretty screwy. According to these students, you can’t argue about politics until you’re “right with God.” Not only is there noRead More →

I saw the movie Jesus Camp yesterday. It depicts Evangelicals teaching their kids to be soldiers for Jesus. They even pray over a cardboard effigy of George Bush, asking for Jesus to help Bush lead us to a right wing country. George Bush is not God’s representative on earth. If anything, he’s a false prophet bringing the apocalypse closer, which I suppose most Evangelicals think is a great thing. Thankfully, Jesus Camp has closed down. Of course, the scandal with Ted Haggard, who is featured in the film, might have had something to do with the camp closing. Here’s Jon Daily on Ted Haggard.