I have a new car. I bought a Fiat 500 Pop. It was great fun to test drive, great fun to purchase, and now great fun to own. Initially I thought about purchasing purchase another Suzuki, a black SX4 hatchback. This car resembles the old yellow Suzuki Aereo that was totaled when I got rear-ended a couple of years ago. I adored by Aereo. I generally name my cars. I planned to name the black Suzuki “Paloma Negra.” The name comes from a lovely, mournful song I heard in Mexico. That purchase didn’t happen for a variety of reasons, none of which had to doRead More →

My husband bought a new Aerio sedan, white this time. My husband wrecked the car on Friday. By Wednesday, we had the deposit on a new car! Progressive rocks! We also have the honor of being the first people to wreck a 2003 Aerio. This might be true or not, but that’s what the Progressive adjuster said. He said they didn’t have the value of the car in their database. We got lucky. Progressive said since we had made only ONE car payment, they would pay the manufacturers’ suggested retail price of the vehicle, based on our purchase agreement, rather than the street value ofRead More →

Woohoo! We bought new cars! We bought his and hers matching Suzuki Aerios. Mine is a yellow, hatchback, standard. His is a blue, automatic, sedan. Jag colors. It’s so exciting. I had great fun watching him negotiate with the car sales people. What a riot. He is so smart about it and good at it. I’ve been surfing the net to learn more about my Aerio. When we were in the midst of shopping, I read a bunch of stuff on line to help us make the decision. Since then, I’ve learned that all these reviews are really just “preferences” like movie preferences. But hereRead More →