Mardi Gras 2015

I never fully claimed Louisiana or Baton Rouge as my home, and I never participated in the full spectrum of Baton Rouge Mardi Gras events. These past two weeks I've been homesick, missing the festival spirit that consumes the entire state, even the most reclusive among my friends. You'd think the … Continue reading

New Year, New Beginning

New Year's holiday gratitudes: 1. Deer outside. 2. Trees heavy with snow so they look like shaggy dogs. 3. A white Christmas. 4. Netflix, binge-watching television, Lillyhammer. 5. Staycations. 6. Cuddling, cuddling, cuddling. 7. Cuban bean soup. 8. Cargo space in SUVs. … Continue reading

Giving Thanks

People. The people who helped me get to the Northwoods of Wisconsin this year - people who wrote letters of recommendation, proofread job application packets, and held my hand; committee members and HR staff who held a job search; family, friends, and my partner who packed and moved me here; my … Continue reading

Foiling and Basting a Turkey

Why do you add flour to the oven bag when you bag baste a turkey? According to Reynolds Kitchens: to blend the fat and juices and to protect against bursting. That did not explain enough. Crowd-sourced answers say that it keeps the bag from sticking to the bird. Still not enough. Also, … Continue reading