I am almost done with cleaning my office. What’s left is the hardest part: My filing cabinet. I’ve done some preliminary cleaning of files, but most of the work remains. I’ve started cleaning and de-cluttering other parts of the house. It feels productive, but the truth is that I’m avoiding the ominous filing cabinets. The other day I found a videotape of an interview I did with my grandmother a couple of years before she died. I sent it off to be converted to DVD. I hope they don’t break it or ruin it. On a different note, my therapist seems utterly fascinated by D&D.Read More →

This list is from cleaning out bookcase #2 on my list of 40 steps/40 days to cleaning my office. Progress, not perfection! In the Trash: 1. Boxes that contained materials for old motherboards and video cards tossed long ago. 2. Campaign Cartographer, a campaign mapping program for D&D and other table top RPGs. OMG, they are DOS based. From 1996! 3. Heaven and Earth, a lovely computer game from 1992 published by the now-defunct Buena Vista Software (a Disney company). It was a beautiful, meditative game. It’s on 5 1/4 floppies and it’s in DOS. I found a website that has a download available. 4.Read More →

1. I still play on text-based games (muds, mux, etc.). Most of the gaming world has moved onto MMORPGs. 2. My cellphone is the one they sell to senior citizens. Big digit buttons, no keyboard for texting. I don’t text, surf, or download ringtones. In fact, I don’t even keep my cellphone on. I just turn it on to call out. 3. Until my new computer this week, I didn’t have the capacity to play DVDs on my computer. 4. Until this week, I was using HTML frames instead of CSS for my website. 5. I would rather play D&D 3.5 than move to 4.0.Read More →

Finally! Something I’m not too behind the curve on! Apparently a McCain aide, Michael Goldfarb, made a disparaging remark about us Pro-Obama D&D players on McCain’s blog. (IMO most D&D players are Libertarians, but that’s just anecdotal.) Here’s the comment: It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman’s memory of war from the comfort of mom’s basement, but most Americans have the humility and gratitude to respect and learn from the memories of men who suffered on behalf of others. John McCain has often said he witnessed a thousand acts of bravery while he was imprisoned, andRead More →

1. Marc Bousquet’s syllabus for Internet Culture and Information Society. I’m too obsolete to teach a cyberculture class again. I’m so out of it. I don’t like  MMORPGs. I don’t particularly like social networking. At least I blog (occasionally). Bousquet’s syllabus has them view the Daily Show’s report on Second Life. It’s worth a laugh.

2. An open letter to Star Trek director JJ Abrams. This is a list of things he should NOT