Tonite I am going to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. When I lived in Austin as an undergrad, my roommate (coincidentally, her name was Ruth) told me that she heard Ruth’s Chris steakhouse, which was a Texas-based chain, was named after Ruth’s husband (or maybe her son…) who ran the steakhouse and then died, so Ruth kept the name in honor of him. Once, I mentioned this to another friend, who pshawed at me, and told me Ruth was from New Orleans. So I looked it up today, and found out that not only was my Louisiana friend right, but Ruth would NEVER name a restaurant afterRead More →

List of things I’ve closets cleaned in the past week: 1. Pantry. 2. Bathroom linen closet. 3. Pen drawer. List of sample items found and tossed: 1. The kid’s old lunch pack soy milks; fermented. Walmart brand (“Great Value”) Hot Chocolate; six small packages of solid brown milk-product bricks (not such a great value). 2. Corroded batteries; tylenol – two years expired. 3. One dried up Little Mermaid pen. One dried up Aladdin pen. One dried up Harry Potter pen. One dried up Hercules pens. I sense a theme. These pens are not as magical as they seem. Birthday Countdown: 5 more days until I’mRead More →