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Book Reviews

Modest Witness

Cyberbeats,by Dave Batstone, Wired Magazine, March 1998.

Haraway on the Map, by Josephine Carubia, Semiotic Review of Books 9:1 (1998).

Fetal Attraction, by Rachael Ariss, Semiotic Review of Books 9:1 (1998).

Review of Modest Witness, by Ann Travers, Culture Machine.

Review of Modest Witness, by Stine Jensen, Mediamatic Magazine.

Be Generous, Dear Reader, by Hannah Landecker, American Scientist, May 1998.

Review of Modest Witness, by Candida Elton, Ends and Means 3:1 (1998).

Primate Visions

Deconstructing Primatology, by Anne Russon, Semiotic Review of Books 2:2 (1991).

The Uses of Science Fiction, by Charles Elkins, Science Fiction Studies 17:2 (1990).

H-Net Review, by M. Lynn Bird, 2001.

How Like A Leaf

How Like A Leaf: Book Review, by Tony Scott, Kairos 5.1 (2000).

Companion Species Manifesto

Eating Well Together: Donna Haraway’s Companion Species Manifesto, by William Grassie, Metanexus Institute’s The Global Spiral, February 2009.

Review of Companion Species Manifesto, by Matt Stewart (2004).

Review of the Companion Species Manifesto, by Julie Boulanger, Bookslut, May 2004.

When Species Meet

When Species Meet: Book Review, by Ian Coldwell. Rural Society Journal 18:2 (2008).

Human and Post-Animal, by Boria Sax, H-Net (2008).

I Want to Know About the Dogs, Rebecca Cassidy, Theory, Culture, and Society 23 (2006) (.pdf).

Post-Humanism = Post-Animality, by Tim Savage, Mute: Culture and Politics After the Net February 2005.

Encyclopedia Entries

Feminist Theory Website’s Donna Haraway Page

Feminist Epistemology and the Philosophy of Science — Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; good background on standpoint theory and situated knowledges.

Wikipedia entry on Donna Haraway

Reading Notes

Carolyn Keen — Reading Notes, Cyborg Manifesto.

Christa Scott-Dixon — Notes.

Theresa Senft — Reading notes to the Cyborg Manifesto.

William Warner — Class reading notes and assignments.


Chris Habels Gray — A vast collection of cyborg-related resources including a cyborg database. Cyber hub.

Cyber Arts Web — George P. Landow, Brown University.

Erratic Impact — Philosophy book web (links).

Fourth European Feminist Research Conference — Body, gender, subjectivity. Crossing borders of disciplines and institutions, Bologna, Italy, Oct 2000. Conference papers on-line, audio clips of some speakers including Haraway (articles, audio).

Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies — The Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies is an online, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to research, study, teach, support, and create diverse and dynamic elements of cyberculture.

Reverse Transcript — Although this site says last updated 2003, most of the links are stale and dead. This is a frequently cited page, however, and one of the earliest link collections on the net, so I’ve included it for the sake of history.

University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies (hub)
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