Directions: Please read the entire worksheet before beginning. Do NOT put your name on this sheet.


Please spend a few minutes reflecting on your expectations for the class, on any fears you might have about the class, and on any questions you have about the syllabus, course procedures, assignments, etc. Then briefly answer the questions below.


1. What is your greatest fear about the class (if you have one).


2. What do you what you want to accomplish or learn in this class.


3. What questions do you have about the syllabus, assignments, procedures, etc?




A. In groups of 3 students, you should share and discuss your answer to the questions.


B. Each group should select one question about the syllabus or the class to ask during the report back to class.


C. Each group should select someone to be the reporter, who will introduce group members to the class and who will report back to class what the group discussed and questions they had about the syllabus or about class.


D. Next, as a class, we will process your questions about the syllabus.


E. Last (if we have time) I will take up your worksheets and read selected responses out loud to the class. If you want to remain anonymous, please do not write your name on this paper.