At the end of each class period we will reserve a few minutes to conduct the closing. During this time, we will go around the room offering each student an opportunity to share a closing comment with the class.


Closing is a valuable teaching tool that serves many purposes.

1. Gives the teacher immediate feedback on class.

2. Helps us learn each others’ names.

3. Builds community in the class.

4. Allows students to comment on something after a conversation has passed them by.


As we go around the room, state the three things below:

1. Your name

2. Answer the question posed by the instructor

3. Add any additional comment if desired. Examples of things to comment on:

A revelation regarding class you might have had

Something you found useful

A teaching strategy or activity that you like/don’t like

Something that you have to think over

Something you disagree with

Ask a philosophical question

Clarify your understanding of lecture or discussion material

Talk about expectations

Additional Rules

1. The closing is required, but you do not have to make any comments. You may just say, “I pass.”

2. If someone else already said what you wanted to say and you don’t feel like repeating it or you don’t have anything to add, you can say, “It’s been said.”

3. “Cross Talk” interrupts the closing process. Please avoid dialogue, commenting (positively or negatively) on other student’s comments, engaging in private conversations, or speaking out of turn.

4. Please keep comments brief so that everyone can have a chance to speak.

5. Packing up your belongings during the closing interrupts the process, prevents us from hearing others’ comments, and signals to other people that you think their contribution is unimportant. Please wait to pack up until closing is completed.