1. Our avatars, our projected selves — A Jezebel bit about how men respond to female avatars, and a discussion of racism and sexism in Second Life. Rather predictable, but still something to talk about. One blogger inaccurately cites another writer’s claim that 40 percent of the folks come to SL looking for sexual activity. The writer corrects the mistake; a more accurate number would be closer to 15 percent.  Sorry, I call BS on that. If you have to purchase genitals for your avatar, you can bet there’s lots of

1. Unhappy Hipster: It’s Lonely in the Modern World — Ever look at Southern Digest at Home or Architectural Living and wonder who lives like this? And what do they do with themselves? Unhappy Hipster offers Stepford families and interior design porn/architecture porn settings. Great captions.

2.  Whole Foods Biopower — Whole Foods is tying employee discounts to employee health such as BMI, smoking, and blood pressure. The amount of your discount is contingent on how you measure up. One commenter suggested that government-run healthcare will adopt this model. Scary