1. I am grateful for the great staff at my job. The library staff gave a wonderful presentation for my class, and the library scavenger hunt that my colleague and I wrote. Also a staffer from facility services was helpful above and beyond the call of duty today regarding my office key. People are so nice here. 2. I am grateful that I have a better teaching schedule this semester, and I hope I’m as lucky next semester. 3. I am grateful who people still come by my blog even though I’m not really blogging. ∞Read More →

1. I am grateful for my husband’s money management skills. 2. I am grateful to have the niece in my life. 3. I am grateful for the hibisci (isn’t that the plural of hibiscus?) that my husband planted, which are now in bloom. ∞Read More →

1. The heater in my car (brrr) 2. Louisiana School’s SEF system, which they use to inform the parents about their child’s progress. The kid didn’t turn in a lab this week (bad girl!) 3. The clothes I bought at the beginning of the semester. I really needed them. They were a good investment. ∞Read More →

I spent part of today cleaning out my clothes of old clothes. Tomorrow I am going to go through my drawers. A sort of purging, I guess you could say. I don’t know what to do with these clothes, since most of them are good. They aren’t rags or torn or stained. They are just clothes that I don’t wear anymore for a variety of reasons. Which is just embarrassing because it’s emblematic of my crass consumption. I read on ABC an article that talks about where your clothes go when you donate them. They -don’t- go to poor families for free. Anyway, we’re spendingRead More →

A long time ago (by hand, not by blog) I used to keep a gratitude journal based on the book Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ben Breathnach. Although the book has some issues and problems, I really love the author’s idea of a gratitude journal.  I am going to incorporate a list of three things that I’m grateful for into my blog. Three Things I am Grateful for Today: 1. My job. 2. The smell of my Christmas tree. 3. The internet for facilitating my re-acquaintance with my high school best friend from over 20 years ago. OMFG. ∞Read More →