Gratitudes: Time and Time Again

[hoot_icon icon="fa-heart" color="#1e73be" size="35"] 1. Summer! 2. Summer in the Northwoods is not like summer anywhere else. 3. Patient people. 4. Grapefruits are available out of season. Yummy! (Bad for the world economy to eat fruit out of season, but yummy in my tummy. Darn.) 5. Bread … Continue reading

Going Native in the Northwoods

The other day, I didn't realize I left my coat in the office until I was half way to my car. I weighed walking back upstairs against completing the trek to the car in the light snow and 15 degrees cold. I felt fine, so I decided to shrug off the weather. Once in the car, I Facebook Bragged about … Continue reading

Gratitudes: A new day rising

[hoot_icon icon="fa-heart" color="#1e73be" size="35"] 1. A new semester, crisp and clean 2. Engaged students 3. A new textbook to engage the engaged students 4. Fresh snow that looks like cotton growing in treetops 5. Blankets and a home to protect me from fresh snow 6. Family 7. Coffee, … Continue reading