The side-gig trend reflects the sad economic status for people’s general inability to make a living wage, and for Millennials in particular. Yet, somehow, the side-gig has become a trendy accomplishment that builds resilience for everyone, and an expectation for Millennials.

A quick translation of the article “Why You Should Encourage Employees to Have a Side Hustle” demystifies this trend:

1. Employees with a side-hustle build their skills off the clock so they are more productive and valuable.

Translation: Companies no longer have to pay for employees’ professional development; they shift that bill to the worker.

2. Employees with side-hustles have entrepreneurial characteristics. They are innovative self-starters.

Translation: The US no longer has to pay for a liberal arts education that teaches cross-cutting skills. Education is job training only. Companies now expect employees’ labor to function like an entrepreneur’s.  Millennial workers are startup kids: Self-trained, self-managed, self-employed, 24/7 on demand, deeply committed but accepting that their job is temporary. Permanent part-time regardless of hours. Full-time jobs are gigs.

3. Entrepreneurs are creative. They thrive at bringing things to life.

Translation: Companies can take workers’ creative, intellectual property without providing compensation or job security.

4. Implied – they don’t have to pay you what you’re worth.

It’s actually a no brainer.

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