When speaking about women’s accomplishments, Ann Richards said women could easily perform given the chance: “After all, Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” The same can be said for Princess Leia, who did everything that Luke did. She just did it backwards and wearing an uncomfortable chainmail bikini after having been sexually assaulted by Jabba the Hutt. Think about that when you think about who counts as the heroes of Star Wars. Think about how long it took for Star Wars to tell the heroine’s quest. What does it mean for people to petition Disney to make Princess Leia, a general and political leader, into a Disney princess? 45% of the UN membership has had a woman leader, according to the UN and PEW. More than 70 countries have had a female head of state. Even eight Muslim women have been elected to head of state. The US is one of only a few industrialized nations yet to elect a female leader. The UN recently evaluated the United States and reported that our country has a terrible record for women’s rights and the condition of women. While a younger Carrie Fisher might have been flattered about entry into the Disney princess cadre, Princess Leia would be too busy to bother. Carrie Fisher today would make a fine joke about being a plastic woman and encourage the princesses to steal GI Joe’s weapons, revolt, and take over the Kingdom.

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