My sweetie made me bread pudding for my birthday. Is the dessert pan half full or half empty? Well, the GOOD news is that my belly is half full of Louisiana goodness, and you can’t go wrong with that. The other good news is that someone loves me enough to make me some of that Louisiana goodness. What a fine blessing. The other day he came home with cream and raisins. That was quite out of the ordinary, and it aroused my curiosity. I asked, “Honey, what’s that for?” He said he was going to make me something special for my birthday. I thought he was teasing. I thought the raisins were for his cereal and the cream was his contribution to the coffee corner at work, and I told him so: “Awww, you’re teasing….” But yesterday after work, when he started cutting up bread, Holy Moly! I jumped for joy. He said he got sick of hearing me complain about the lack of bread pudding in restaurants and he devised a solution: Just make it for me himself. I support that wholeheartedly.


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