I’m slowly working on adding things back to VoXYgen. It’s taking time because I’m busy this summer. Here’s a little blog entry to keep me busy blogging.

Ten Things I Discovered in Wisconsin This Summer:

1. Roller Derby, the UffDaPalooza in Wausau.

2. Milwaukee is fun. Bastille Days. The antique shopping. The Symphony. The food. Haven’t made it to the art museums yet.

3. The upper peninsula is an interesting drive.

4. THE WEATHER. Delightful.

5. The mosquitoes. Did everything on the list have to be good?

6. The trees talk non-stop in the back yard. It’s a lovely sound when they are a full, leafy green.

7. Festivals everywhere. Artisans everywhere. (All in a day’s drive…..erf.)

8. Rhinelander makes a valiant effort.

9. People think it’s actually hot here.

10. Not everyone likes the food.


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