Look, let’s be frank. Some schools swear by the VARK. Some researches say the VARK has been disproven or no research has substantiated it. Due to my own academic training, which emphasized the metatheoretical and critical, I believe that something is useful and super-awesome until it’s not. So, the VARK makes total sense, whether it’s a legitimate framework or just voodoo. There are other frameworks that can overlay the VARK, but the VARK is language people understand. The problem, the MAIN problem is when teachers are unwilling to engage in pedagogy at all. They teach entirely from anecdote and subjectivity, and their teaching is solipsistic: “I know it when I see it.” Secretly, that means “I teach the way I personally learn best.” That can create a troublesome learning environment. The VARK is just a quick tool – a heuristic or even maybe a mnemonic device – to make sure a teacher can mix it up while teaching.




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