The other day, I didn’t realize I left my coat in the office until I was half way to my car. I weighed walking back upstairs against completing the trek to the car in the light snow and 15 degrees cold. I felt fine, so I decided to shrug off the weather. Once in the car, I Facebook Bragged about officially adapting to the Northwoods weather. The car never warmed up before I made it home. I regretted the decision from the moment the Fiat Popsicle made it out of the parking lot.

In the morning, I realized “I ain’t got no coat” to wear to school, and sulked for a bit. Nina Simone’s song popped into mind. Simone’s song is about having nothing, nothing at all. Here in the Northwoods, people donate to clothing programs because so many folks truly have no coat. Simone is down and out, but free, fierce, and grateful. Although I have plenty now, during the times of poverty in my life, I was never fierce or free, and I was never grateful about what I did have, just resentful for what I lacked. The song was a nice reminder.


My coats
My scarves
My gloves
My hats
My winter gear
Everything else that keeps me warm

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