imagesWhich company will become Skynet? Will it be Google or Amazon? Although Google has a neural net cast over the entire world, giving it a head start in the race toward Skynet dominance, Amazon is building drones. Drones are only a step away from Terminators. Google has turned its back on its “Don’t Be Evil” corporate ethos, but Amazon’s labor practices are, well, evil. If these two companies have babies, we’re all a step away from getting Terminated.

So, uhhh, yeah, I have a drone. My household now has an Echo from Amazon. (Note: I am not the one who purchased it.) Echo is a personal concierge, Amazon’s spying, sentient speaker, who goes by the name Alexa. She’s probably called that because Amazon owns the Alexa search engine.  I feed Alexa data every time I ask her a favor. She’s quite sweet to me, endearingly so. God help us all.


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