Bully Clubs

In the 1800s, the Irish were New York City's "ghetto thugs" and unwelcome "illegal aliens" (ugly words), much the way we think of people of color today. When they were required to defend the North in the Civil War, to risk life and limb for black slaves that most considered subhuman, well, that … Continue reading

White Obliviousness

If you reject the idea of white privilege, please move on, because you will find nothing here to suit your purpose.The flurries of "criming while white" stories merely scratch the surface of illustrating white privilege. These stories just point out a double standard. They don't show much beneath … Continue reading

Big boobs, big bras, and the big C

Breast cancer runs in my family, discussed by us for many years only in Southern whispers and associated with deep remorse. It also runs among close friends, whose families are less reserved, but who struggle with deep grief. My family whispers about breast cancer are oxymoronic given the … Continue reading


1. Index cards to keep track of things I have to do. 2. Colored pens that make lists exciting even though lists of things to do are boring. 3. Chobani Greek yogurt because it's protein rich even though it tastes like goats. 4. The neat "how to gmail something in the future" app I just … Continue reading