The people who helped me get to the Northwoods of Wisconsin this year – people who wrote letters of recommendation, proofread job application packets, and held my hand; committee members and HR staff who held a job search; family, friends, and my partner who packed and moved me here; my cats who didn’t run away. This is where I need to be and I’m grateful I got here.

The realtors, bankers, and inspectors of Rhinelander who got me into a home in time for Thanksgiving.

The Louisiana students who have told me this summer and fall semester that they miss me, starting from the ones I had in 1999 to the ones I had in 2014; they remind me why higher education is a great job.


Insurance to cover replacing a car I wrecked, a roof damaged by hail, and hail damage on a new car. I was expensive to carry this year.

The abundance of windows in my new house that lets the light in from all directions and the happiness that the cats derive from this experience.

The Fiat Pop is a wee beastie of a machine.

The bounty of Hodags in Rhinelander; what a joy, that.


There’s so much love in my life, and I’m sorry I was too busy and stupid to cherish it last year.

There’s a new chapter of life, filled with trees, renewed purpose, 401k’s, and zombie apocalypse supplies. It’s all good.


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