D&D and Mental Illness

What do the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the DSM) and the typical roleplaying game player's handbook (PHB) have in common? The character typographies that both articulate are what Kenneth Burke would call "recipes for wise living, … Continue reading

Giving Thanks

People. The people who helped me get to the Northwoods of Wisconsin this year - people who wrote letters of recommendation, proofread job application packets, and held my hand; committee members and HR staff who held a job search; family, friends, and my partner who packed and moved me here; my … Continue reading

Housing in the Northwoods

How To Buy A House in the NorthwoodsorLife in Rhinelander, AKA The Wall, or Winter is Coming, or holy hell it's cold here.1. Who even uses a mud room?2. Why do we need a two-car garage? We can take turns parking on the street.3. I just love high ceilings. They're so airy and spacious.4. I don't … Continue reading

Foiling and Basting a Turkey

Why do you add flour to the oven bag when you bag baste a turkey? According to Reynolds Kitchens: to blend the fat and juices and to protect against bursting. That did not explain enough. Crowd-sourced answers say that it keeps the bag from sticking to the bird. Still not enough. Also, … Continue reading

Eight Maxims – A listicle to live by

Maxims are codes that we parrot, but rarely pause to consider. They bespeak what our culture values, as much as they teach us a lesson in sparse, bumper-sticker phrasing. Here is a list of eight maxims that I've stolen, applied, or ignored to my later regret.1. Once you have a hammer, everything … Continue reading