Scare cam proves what everyone’s saying about us – we are all turning into a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths. Our ability to empathize is eroding daily. Most folks attribute this to desensitization from new media technology, but the blame is elsewhere. “Point and shoot” scare cams emphasize that the thing pointing doesn’t kill people, people kill people. Scare cams are a symptom of something bigger, of lost contact. You can fall in love via technology just as easily as you can bully through it; technology can mediate love as much as it can mediate bullying. So the problem isn’t technology. Maybe in the end OctaviaRead More →

1. Deer corn 2. Hank and Milo coming to life in the Northwoods. 3. There’s still some warmth in the air. 4. Great veggies from the neighbors’ garden. 5. “Aggressive” snow tires that fend off fear of oncoming snow. 6. Butt-warming leather seats in a car. 7. Cider. 8. Phone reception. 9. The first movie in four or five months. 10. A good realtor who brings hope about selling my house in Louisiana. Now that’s something. ∞

Pulp Fiction, 1994 Best Picture nominee, brought us twenty years of filmic progeny. Forrest Gump, 1994 Academy Award for Best Picture, brought us a box of chocolates.