Fiat Pop 500c Dashboard First Oil Change
First Oil Change

At the first oil change for the Fiat Pop 500c, I noticed that the sticker the shop put on the windshield listed the mileage incorrectly. I snapped a quick pic of the instrument dial since I didn’t want to lose track of the next oil change. I have a swiss-cheese memory, I couldn’t find a pen, and I was late for school.

I was already tracking gas consumption with pics anyway, because I wanted to see what my true mileage was (it’s about 30 mpg). I do it by taking a pic of both the instrument panel and the receipt. The receipt shows how much gas I filled the tank with, and the odometer pic shows what the mileage is. Both are date stamped, of course. Plus this tracks the price of gas too.

Now, there are lots of cell phone apps that track mileage and maintenance, but who has time to enter this information at the pump? You could enter this information while you’re standing at the pump waiting for the tank to fill, but I don’t multitask well enough to manage that, particularly when details and numbers are involved.

So I’ve been accumulating the pics and saving them in my Google drive.

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