1. Spring, no matter how early or late it arrives, so I can throw open the windows and doors and my spirit. That’s something to be grateful for, for sure.

2. Progressive auto insurance, stalwart in its service. Surprising.

3. Bagels, bagels, bagels. Lenders are a poor substitute, and I miss real New York bagels down here in the bayou, but the pale shadow of Lenders gets me by.

4. My air conditioning guy at Residential Experts.  Honest and professional, he extended the life of my AC and saved me money. What’s not to be grateful?

5. Angie’s List saves me thousands of dollars and millions of headaches. When friends share their horror stories, my gratitude grows.

6. Al Gore for inventing the internet.

7. Sharpies. They’ve been acknowledged in my lists before, but it bears repeating.

8. Sharpies.

9. Early Friday morning conversations in which promises and plans for the weekend get made.

10. Fridays.

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