The sculptor Rodrigo de la Sierra has a permanent exhibition “Timoteo” at La Aurora. The sculptures are of figures named “Timothy” (I think). The artist says that Timothy has no mouth or ears, and should be judged by actions and behaviors, not by what he hears or says. The figure’s actions are delightfully expressive. Timoteo 2013 Quien es Timoteo? Note: This post was originally posted on 8/14/16 and backdated.

I’m a bad traveler; I don’t like getting out of my comfort zone. Since I’m a plus-sized, curmudgeonly woman who doesn’t fit easily into boxes, I have to do out-of-the-box thinking to ensure my comfort and prevent meltdowns when I travel. I’m not built physically or emotionally such that I can hop into the corner store and purchase what I forget to pack. Fortunately, my traveling experiences started in the UK, where people speak English and everything is the same as here – almost. Then I moved on to less similar locales: Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico (San Miguel, not the spring break destinations). My firstRead More →

This Jack Bilander print, named “Sammy,” has been for sale for a year, overpriced and lingering out of reach, and I have yearned for it. My want has surpassed the call of nostalgia. Perhaps my desire is simply from the mere wanting of it. I saw a performance at the NOLA Fringe Fest in which a character from the narrative dismisses his desire and lust for the woman he loves by admitting that desired objects are interchangeable. A hole, he states, is just a hole. Well, yes, that’s obvious, isn’t it. The point of a hole is that it remains incomplete, never filled. It willRead More →