My First Tattoo – July 1988

60 days until my birthday. 25 years ago, in honor of my sobriety, I got this tattoo. It was my first one. In Madison, WI, it was all the trend to get a tiny quarter-sized tattoo on your shoulder. Drinking is self-destructive. I wanted to something that was symbolically the opposite. The tattooist … Continue reading

Graduation at BRCC 2013

Of all the graduation ceremonies in higher ed that I've seen, BRCC's are the best. I've attended a couple that were bittersweet due to specific personal relationships. Overall, however, BRCC ceremonies are the best delight. Nowhere are the students and their parents more joyous, proud, and … Continue reading

Olivia Pope Redux

Yep, Shonda Rhimes has just schooled all the feminists and liberals who have trashed Olivia Pope (Season 2, Episode 22 of Scandal, "White Hat's Back On"). As I wrote previously, Olivia Pope is the quintessential tragic mulatto.*SPOILER ALERT*In Episode 22, Fitz wants Olivia to "handle" their … Continue reading

What is Communication, Exactly?

The place of public speaking in the general education curriculum is constantly questioned. The image of communication majors in pop culture sheds light on why. Because "it's kinda hard to put into words." I experienced a moment of synchronicity to illustrate this. The moment is circular, a snake … Continue reading