Tea, Cinderella cup, and bracelet. Life is good.

Ten things that made me happy today:

1. My niece (I broke the people law wherein gratitudes cannot include people, but this is actually a happiness list)

2. A nice dinner at Bistro Byronz for a good cause – “Dining Out for Life”;

3. I got away with an excellent joke on my boss’s boss’s boss;

4.My boss’s boss’s boss didn’t fire me for said excellent joke;

5. My house is clean;

6. Celestial Seasonings’ Gingerbread Spice Tea is out of production and off season, but I still have some left over;

7. I took a minute last week to re-string my twenty+ year old beaded bracelet from Key West that broke last year, and now worn every day for a week. The bracelet is made of some unknown material, plant or shell, perhaps;

8. Hank the autistic cat has been letting me pick him up for hugs;

9. I don’t need to complete my list all the way to ten things because I am content with nine; and

I’m not feeding into my perfectionism today.

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