The biggest threat from ObamaCare, according to the Humanix Books’ ObamaCare Survival Guide, is the influx of the mass uninsured populace into the healthcare system.  The logic behind this argument boggles the mind. The short version: there aren’t enough doctors to handle the sudden mass increase in patients and the existing pool of doctors will all quit in frustration. Consequently, everyone’s health care will suffer. The odds of anyone going to medical school to replace this pool are low and no one will be trained in time to treat all these new patients or fill in the gap.

How is it that this influx of new patients gets translated into a crisis rather than a vast explosion of a new job market in a booming industry? Crisis rhetoric at its best, my friends.

In the context of today’s political climate, the sentiment is only a breath away from immigration politics, making this rhetorical ploy work so well. Large numbers of uninsured “illegal immigrants” threaten the whole healthcare system. Put differently, “Those people are taking up my seats in the waiting room” so we need to secure the borders of our healthcare system and repeal ObamaCare.

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