At work we must turn in our portfolios for annual review once again. Portfolios can be used for authentic reflection and self-growth, rather than for the devolved purpose of bean counting. We are all aware of its dysfunction at my job, and yet we still plod through the ritual while we tinker with repairing it.

Around the time we submitted portfolios, I found a picture of a quirky chia pet. Chia pets are about wild and quirky growth, after all. This hearty beast makes me laugh. I want to be this fellow, covered in clover, perplexed and amused at the same time, aslant but still upright, and growing, growing, always happily growing. He’s overgrowing his box, and so am I.  I want to be him, I try to be him, and on my better days I approximate his spirit.

In other news, I am grateful for

1. Chia pets

2. Wikipedia

3. March days without sneezing.

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