At the beginning of the semester I had to give a speech at convocation. I chose to speak about why the start of a new semester is like a fortune cookie. Throughout the speech I periodically opened up a fortune cookie, read the fortune, and made a comment. It was a fun speech and people seemed to like it. People now give me fortune cookies and make jokes about it. I keep trying to explain that I don’t necessarily like to eat fortune cookies, but that I use them during Dungeons and Dragons. I just like to take the fortunes out and put them onRead More →

Let me introduce you to this cat. Her name is Monkey, which is short for Alien Monkey Cat. Some people call her AMC for short, but only on Facebook. She is visiting from another planet and she is residing with me for a time while she spies on us. I am using this as an opportunity to spread the word widely, and perhaps save the planet from takeover by her species. Be forewarned. They have dripping, venomous spikes in their tails. Now, just to be clear, the purpose of today’s post is to discuss the equinox broom phenomenon. A meme has been going around onRead More →

Today I opened something somewhere online and got another nag message from Google about its new privacy policy. The nag message invited me to “dismiss” it, a language choice that reflects a mildly amusing and disturbing political and interpersonal frame that we’ve developed with internet computing. Perhaps my amusement about being nagged over privacy derives from my almost-divorced status, but that is neither here nor there. I’m not going to waste time knifing through the current policy change. The short version: it will consolidate the privacy options for multiple Google services into one statement for the user to accept or reject with one click ofRead More →

It’s been some time since I’ve blogged. There’s so much to say I don’t know where to begin. I’ll just chalk it up to a year lost and found. I’m waiting for Typekit to populate/propagate my font. I’m using Cooper. The font makes the webdesign. I have to finish rebooting things here. I tried to de-clutter the design and my life and get things squared away into a single-file,  simple column. Maybe it worked. The Sells-Jaros household is now just the Sells household. Quite surreal. The Sells household is also without the beloved cat. That was a devastation too great to be accounted for –Read More →