Let me introduce you to this cat. Her name is Monkey, which is short for Alien Monkey Cat. Some people call her AMC for short, but only on Facebook. She is visiting from another planet and she is residing with me for a time while she spies on us. I am using this as an opportunity to spread the word widely, and perhaps save the planet from takeover by her species. Be forewarned. They have dripping, venomous spikes in their tails.

Now, just to be clear, the purpose of today’s post is to discuss the equinox broom phenomenon. A meme has been going around on Facebook in which people take pictures of balancing their brooms. Supposedly this feat can be accomplished during the Spring equinox. So, I attempted it. My broom is old and curmudgeonly, just like me, and I was certain it would fail. Neither of us are very upright, after all.

But Monkey Cat had other plans in mind, as you can see:


I believe she was setting up a communication pattern similar to the ones used by whales in Star Trek IV. Certainly, she had devious intentions. The broom stood erect because a link was established with the Mother Ship. Thankfully I didn’t have any sensitive documents out at the time. AMC already has samples of my genetic code many times over, as well as a pair of my dirty socks and some of my favorite earrings stashed deep under the bed beyond my reach.

Funny thing, too, the equinox isn’t for another fifteen days. This only confirms that the broom’s position is her handiwork and not anything to do with gravity or planetary alignment.

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