Thank God for Akismet keeping my blog clean.  Some of the posts trapped in the Akismet toilet bowl are hysterical. Here are some trends:

1. People who are obviously not native English speakers posting in “Engrish.” The errors are amusing. Yet, some SEO company is probably outsourcing spam comments along the lines of third world WoW gold farmers. This is not about ethnocentric “English-only”-ism. This is about the ridiculousness of the spam comments.

2. The usual “your post is interesting, you’re brilliant, I will come back and read you every day.” These comments are completely random and usually don’t fit the content of the post. These posts are not amusing, just annoying.

3. The sneaky comments. These sound like they are actually commenting on your post at a glance but if you look at the email address or web address of the poster it’s clearly a spammer. Luckily, Akismet catches these too.

4. The “hey, why’d you delete my post” comment. These are very amusing. The are typically a rant about all the hard work they put into posting a comment, and how other people found their comments useful, but then they surf back and find their post is removed. They are very rude and surely they don’t fool anyone.

In all, these people make my Google analytic stats look good. On the flip side, I’m up at 5:15 reading Akismet posts, so what does that say about me.

So, back to the Akismet toilet bowl…..flush…..

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