1. Procrastinatory is a real word, but Webster’s online dictionary is now subscription based. WTF? 2. My kid has a cute wave, with large smiles and much enthusiasm. I am stealing it. It seems to be going well. 3. Instead of trying to explain in simplistic language why we don’t call Asian people “Oriental,” it goes much better with a map of the world “upside down.” 4. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in the same movie? Way too much hawtness in one movie. 5. My fifth post today. Obviously I’m feeling chatty. 6. Ben Affleck is a better storyteller than he is an actor. KevinRead More →

Notice Orly Taitz’s humorous resemblance to the Orly Owl. Here is my very first “Orly Taitz Orly Owl” which you can see below!        

Nonverbal communication expresses power and dominance. In public, professional settings, who gets to touch whom and the nature of that touch play out and define gender relations. Because it’s typically subtle, people are often unaware of this dynamic. When it’s more obvious, those in the “one down” position see it clearly, and those in the power position remain oblivious due to their sense of entitlement. The stereotypical male boss/female secretary and male customer/female waitress interactions illustrate this over and over again. Of course, as gender roles change, the accompanying nonverbal behaviors change with them. Hillary is the perfect example. Let’s track the changes, from oldRead More →

Thank God for Akismet keeping my blog clean.  Some of the posts trapped in the Akismet toilet bowl are hysterical. Here are some trends: 1. People who are obviously not native English speakers posting in “Engrish.” The errors are amusing. Yet, some SEO company is probably outsourcing spam comments along the lines of third world WoW gold farmers. This is not about ethnocentric “English-only”-ism. This is about the ridiculousness of the spam comments. 2. The usual “your post is interesting, you’re brilliant, I will come back and read you every day.” These comments are completely random and usually don’t fit the content of the post.Read More →