1. Add your home as a venue.

2. Become mayor of your home.

3. Add your work as a venue.

4. Become mayor of your job.

5. Add places that are clearly not venues like THE BEACH. The beach is not a venue.

6. Become mayor of the beach.

7. Lie.

8. Lie a lot.

Note: I have done none of these things.

Update: 12/1/12

In the world of cheaters, monetizers, gamers, and people who need external motivation, do things for gold, XP, and badges, and those who seek only to level up, NONE of these 4Sq ethics seem to matter. Hence, the “Commission to Keep 4Sq Ethical” has been decommissioned, and I have joined the barbarian horde of promiscuous badge collectors.

As 4Sq long ago added badges for sneezing, badge and point collecting is as meaningless as WoW gold-farming in the farthest reaches of China, except that there’s no money to be made. I have succumbed to the lowest of the low and become mayor of my house, my job, and the world’s largest garden gnome. I’m proud to say I am still not mayor of my car, my bed, or my cat. *cue John Philip Sousa music*

It could yet happen.

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