From session #2 with Kristen at Art Addictions

The session lasted three hours. Kristen filled in most of the color except for one corner. She also still needs to do the leaves on the tree and the rest of the ripping skin. This one hurt. My limit was definitely two and a half hours, and I gritted my teeth during the last thirty minutes. There’s conflicting opinions on aftercare, but icing my arm down made a huge difference reducing the pain and swelling. By the next morning, most of the tenderness was gone.

I still have two smaller pieces planned for the other side of my arm. Now that I see how large and bright the tattoo is I have developed a little bit of uncertainty. Just a little bit. It’s so visible. I can’t hide it without wearing a long sleeved shirt, which could prove problematic if I ever need a non-academic job (or even another academic one, though academics are much more tolerant of tattoos). It certainly will blow the quasi-professional image that I tried to present this semester in the business communication class. Chunky bracelets are going to look funny.

People might not be able to see and understand the tattoo even with the color. It’s not good when you have to explain what your tattoo means. Maybe the whole idea was too complicated for a tattoo or too large for just an arm. We’ll just have to see.


Most of the coloring is done


Bottom showing ripped skin


Side view shows what needs filling

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