Someone pointed out today how important it is to observe and even appreciate the little things around me, like the changing seasons or paint peeling on the wall. My response? Seasons don’t change in BR and really? Paint peeling? Ok, ok. Point taken.

So, not so much gratitude as things that I was present for today:

1. Hoarding ink jet cartridges, something I just now noticed.
2. A lot of colorful markers.
3. Three d10’s on my desk for years, left over from a torturous attempt at World of Darkness. One is rather pretty with its blue and purple speckles and silver numbers. It reminds me of Easter candy.
4. Learning to live with fingerprints and smears on my Droid.
5. It’s going to be spring soon and that means flowers.
6. My husband has moved from Paula Abdul to Eminem, Biggie Smalls, and “the mighty” Van Halen. That one counts as a gratitude, right?

Some threes

Three things accomplished today:

1. argued about the sexist use of “seminal” in the academy with some people online.
2. proposed to my colleagues that students should participate in our book adoption discussions. They agreed.
3. Weeded out about one fifth of my emails from my home and personal inboxes. That’s progress!

Three things I want to do in my life:

1. Watch my niece get hooded for her PhD when she grows up.
2. Celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary at the Grand Canyon.
3. Have something to show for myself (I have no idea what that might be yet).

Three tasks to do this week:

1. Catch up with some friends.
2. Work on a bibliography of scholarship on Disney.
3. Finish my professional portfolio.

Three things that make me sad:

1. My cat is aging.
2. So many of my students waste their opportunities.
3. The fairy dust I put on my niece to keep her from growing up didn’t work.

Three things to tell my husband tonight before bed:

1. Stop playing Biggie Smalls (he won’t).
2. Thank you for doing all the grocery shopping.
3. I love you.

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