1.  The Orangutan and the Hound — This is a lovely story about the friendship between an Orangutan and a dog, reminiscent of Donna Haraway’s work, since she’s written about primates and dogs and kinship.

3. Five creepy ways video games are trying to get you addicted — A fascinating look at the Skinnerian logic behind video games.

4. Pentagon Strike — Anyone interested in either visual rhetoric or paranoid style should visit this site produced by the Truthers at Sign of the Times. It’s a sort of paranoia that is transparent of itself.

5. Enlightened sexism — An excerpt from Susan J. Douglas book, which is subtitled The Seductive Message that Feminism’s Work is Done, now on my TBR list.

6. Where the Hell is Matt — Crazy guy who dances around the world. Don’t you wish you could be that adventurous? Or at least adventurous enough to dance like that in your living room?

And here’s a little lagniappe:

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