1. Unhappy Hipster: It’s Lonely in the Modern World — Ever look at Southern Digest at Home or Architectural Living and wonder who lives like this? And what do they do with themselves? Unhappy Hipster offers Stepford families and interior design porn/architecture porn settings. Great captions.

2.  Whole Foods Biopower — Whole Foods is tying employee discounts to employee health such as BMI, smoking, and blood pressure. The amount of your discount is contingent on how you measure up. One commenter suggested that government-run healthcare will adopt this model. Scary thought.

3. Today in Rape Culture (from Shakesville)– Offensive on so many levels. A woman got raped in broad daylight in full view and no one stopped to help. The reporters’ chit chat is shocking to me. Did we ever have a women’s movement? Ever?

4. An article on Farmville (a Facebook app/game) — I hate Farmville. This article is vaguely critical of Farmville without trying to be critical.  Without much thought, the author opens the article with a telling analogy. He tells us that Farmville is too important to include as one of many games in a single review. Doing so would be “piecing together a rundown of history’s greatest dictators with only a glancing reference to Joseph Stalin.” Overstated, yes, but we get the point. The writer uses some lovely turns of phrase to capture how we’ve married boredom with capitalism in the our clickable, fragmented digital lives.

5. Eve Ensler: Embrace your Inner Girl — Eve Ensler (of Vagina Monologues fame) and TED cannot go wrong. TED might be uber-elitist, but it has great stuff. Eve Ensler discusses the “girl cell” and how we repress it. Moreover, it speaks to girlhood worldwide.

6. Demon Sheep political ad — A MUST SEE. A political campaign ad for a California senate race. Sooo funny.

7. Colin Powell changes his mind about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — It’s about damned time.

8. Amazon loses e-book price war to MacMillan — The e-book e-price war will only get e-worse.

9. Cornel West criticizes Barack Obama — When Cornel West was here a couple of months ago, he really didn’t touch Obama’s leadership. In this short video, West puts “loving pressure” on Obama to focus the lives of poor and working people.

10. pant pant huff wheeze Can’t quite make it to ten.

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