1.  Instant Chewbacca — a new take on instant rimshot.

2.  Jeff and Erin’s EPIC Wedding Trailer — a wedding I want to go to!

3. Salvador Dali on “What’s my Line?” — A surreal bit of old black and white television.

4. I Just Remembered Chris Matthews was White — Great response to Chris Matthews. The author talks about “luxurious ignorance,” i.e., white people’s obliviousness. Good read.

5. JD Salinger dies (NPR) — I loved Franny and Zoey better than Catcher in the Rye. What a curious man he was.

6.  Letter to the Editor, Daily Reveille (LSU student paper) — A depressing manifestation of how the corporate model infects and degrades higher education. Philosophy, comparative literature, sociology, history, and anthropology are antiquated, obsolete and unnecessary. Jeez.

7. (Louisiana) Regents pare programs — and another one bites the dust.

8. How idiotic arguments enter the political mainstream (This Modern World) — I’d laugh if it weren’t depressingly true.

9. NYT Howard Zinn obituary — What an amazing man.

10. Cornel West on Obama — Criticism of Obama’s economic policies.

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