Sam Hurt’s Eyebeam comic was one of my favorite things about UT – Austin. It started in the college paper, The Daily Texan. I think it went on to syndication, but I’m not sure. When I left UT, people mailed me the strip. My favorite character in the comic was Peaches (Queen of the Universe), the main character’s niece. Peaches eventually got her own comic, but that didn’t last for long. Peaches was .. well .. precocious. I just found an Eyebeam strip with Peaches that was on my office door for a while. It’s old (1988), torn, and flimsy. Peaches is standing on aRead More →

Writing is difficult for me.  I have never been good at journaling. I’ve always wanted to be good at it, but it’s never worked out for me. I love to buy journals to write in. I have many beautiful, elegant, empty journal books. I also have a stack of journal books with maybe only five or six entries in them. The most successful journaling I did was trying to work through my writing block. I read a book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, about dealing with creative blocks. Like most self-help books, this comes with a whole array of accompanying workbooks, inspirational CDs, blahRead More →

I know the whole world eagerly anticipates my detailed description of my garbage, so I will appease your curiosity. Ten things I found today in my file cabinets (some of which were trashed and some kept) 1. My very first D&D character. It was actually AD&D, generated some 15 years ago. 2. Papers from my undergraduate years at UT – Austin. 3. Reading packets from my undergraduate years at UT-Austin. 4. Pictures of the first time I went to Disney. 5. Hershey’s leash (my very first dog “inside” dog; he rescued me from my insanity; I love him and still miss him). 6. My “relapseRead More →

Today Rupert Murdoch called Obama “dangerous” according to an article in the Huffington Post: “I think Barack Obama would describe himself as a pragmatic leftist but he’s not an extremist,” Murdoch said. “I think he sees himself as a president for change and that involves bigger government. He’s made no secret of that. I think that’s dangerous.” This statement reminded me of something I read in the YWCA Dialogue on Race reading packet. I first heard this phrase of “dangerous negro” in an article called “Struggle and Transformation: The Challenge of Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Vincent Harding, written in the mid-80s. Vincent Harding isRead More →

1. Transparencies from 1995. 2. Mimeo/ditto handouts from 1995. 3. Christmas socks with a hole in the toe. 4. Lots of mismatched socks whose mates are somewhere in sock purgatory. 5. Student Evaluations from 1991-1998. 6. Dayrunner pages from 1995-1998. 7. A car repair bill from 1996. 8. A box full of xeroxed readings for old course reading packets. 9. Worn out flip flops. 10. Rusted paperclips.Read More →

Cleaning I’m making good progress on my 40 days/40 steps program for cleaning up my office. For a while, I was on a roll, and so I extended the program to include my bedroom and the rest of the house. In actuality, then, it is more than 40 days and 40 steps. But that’s what I’m calling it and I’m sticking to it! Today, I cleaned out several drawers (which allows me to cross off several steps on the list). I found five pairs of Christmas socks, which I couldn’t wear over Christmas since they disappeared. I was excited. This might sound mundane, but itRead More →

I am making steps toward my goal of cleaning my office this summer. Yesterday, I tackled one of my bookshelves and encountered my 1929 edition Oz book, Ozma of Oz. I’ve always loved the art by John R. Neill, and I especially like the 1929 art nouveau cover. Finding this book raised many fond memories for me. I learned to read with the Oz books, starting with my father reading them to me, and then me slowly taking over and reading ahead. I’ve always loved Baum. Not many people know that he wrote a whole series of fourteen Oz books, as did several other authorsRead More →

Three more treasures I found in my office: This is a butterfly that the kid made in 2001 (age 10) at an art camp. I’m not sure what the medium is, but it is very textured. This is the cover of a Tank Girl comic book I found and scanned. I don’t usually do comic books, but I do love Tank Girl. This is the cover of some Zine that I had. I used it as the cover to the readings for my Feminism in America class at USF. Those were the days.Read More →

This list is from cleaning out bookcase #2 on my list of 40 steps/40 days to cleaning my office. Progress, not perfection! In the Trash: 1. Boxes that contained materials for old motherboards and video cards tossed long ago. 2. Campaign Cartographer, a campaign mapping program for D&D and other table top RPGs. OMG, they are DOS based. From 1996! 3. Heaven and Earth, a lovely computer game from 1992 published by the now-defunct Buena Vista Software (a Disney company). It was a beautiful, meditative game. It’s on 5 1/4 floppies and it’s in DOS. I found a website that has a download available. 4.Read More →