Unforgettable, signature moments in Rome:

1. On the train coming back from Venice, my niece, my husband, and I sat in one of those two seats facing two seats things. The odd man out was an iconic Italian — round belly, handlebar mustache. I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was in the seats across the aisle with a guy in his late twenties. The two of them were tickling each other, wrestling, hitting each other with their scarves, gloves and umbrellas. No lie.

2. In a restaurant, a Roma was trying to sell roses to an unaccompanied male customer. He gave the Roma the kind of Italian shrug you see on TV, gesturing with open hands to the empty seat opposite him. It was Fellini-perfect.

3. The street vendors are always willing to bargain. They will chase you down the street to sell you stuff. I got a great deal on a glass bead necklace because I got an Obama discount.

4. Our apartment had a marble staircase and Terra Cotta tile floors.

5. There are dogs living in the ruins of Pompeii. Remember the famous story about the dog who died in the eruption? So animal rights groups take care of these dogs and they have a special adoption program. OK not Rome, but still iconic.

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